NAMJet’s advanced marine propulsion systems set the new standard for Thrust, Durability, and Speed for a wide variety of commercial, military, and workboat applications. Our 360® Jet line of 360-degree thrusters is the perfect application for diesel-, hydraulic-, or electric-drive barges, ferries, or any platform where superior maneuverability is paramount.

360® Jet’s low-pressure/high-flow axial design provides exceptional thrust per horsepower while minimizing cavitation from 0-25 knots. A large nozzle design also allows 360® Jets to operate at lower RPM than their high-speed competitors, lowering maintenance and fuel costs for a significantly lower lifetime cost of ownership.

360® Jet’s unique design also eliminates the need for transition ducts. The entire jet unit welds directly to the hull to become part of the vessel’s structure, allowing for flush installation and providing a sleek, clean propulsion solution without tangle or snag hazards.

NAMJet offers a full range of 360® Jet products, with impeller sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches (381-457 mm). Every NAMJet product is fully customizable to meet the standards of the most demanding operators, and we are happy to explore the full range of design options required for your specific application.



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