From ferrying troops, equipment and supplies, to towing other BEB boats, to supporting temporary floating bridges, the 7.0m (23 ) US Army Bridge Erection Boat (BEB), built by Birdon, needs to perform at the highest possible level. The BEB is designed, built and equipped to provide propulsion and maneuverable thrust to support floating bridges often made necessary when existing bridge crossings have been destroyed in conflict or by natural disasters. The vessels also operate as patrol vessels in combat bridging operations and are transportable by road, rail and air. The US Army has contracted with Birdon America Inc. to build up to 374 BEBs.

For this project the NAMJet TJ381HH waterjets were selected to provide exceptionally high thrust at low speeds to position and hold floating bridge sec ons in variable river currents. The waterjets are required to operate without damage in abrasive and debris-littered water conditions. The lower operation RPMs of the NAMJet design and high blade clearance is not affected by abrasive grit. The low RPM allows debris to pass through the jet without significant impact damage to the impeller or stator sections. NAMJet’s mass ow design provides high thrust at low operating rpm ensuring cavitation free performance at all speeds, unmatched in the industry.


7.0M(23’) Bridge Erection Boat (BEB)

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