Christening Sima Charters 21M Crew Transfer Vessel

On March 21, 2018, in Maasluis, the Netherlands, the NAMJet Team took pleasure in witnessing the christening of Sima Charter’s 23m Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV), the SC Sapphire. Sima Charters operates a fleet of custom built Crew Transfer Vessels. They are a worldwide CTV company operating offshore and providing the best possible performance CTV. Established in 2000 and based in the Netherlands, Sima Charter vessels are specially designed to provide the most comfortable ride at sea.

Built by Neptune Shipyards in Aalst, the 23m SC Sapphire became the first CTV to be equipped with NAMJet’s TJ611HH high thrust waterjets. NAMJet waterjets are the only jets in the market that provide exceptional low to static speed thrust and are suitable to operate in very shallow, sandy, and abrasive waters without loss of efficiency. The TJ611HH is capable of up to 12 tonnes static bollard push in as shallow as 1.5 meters.

The 23M SC Sapphire is an all-aluminum monohull vessel with the structure based on the successful SC Amethyst’s sister vessel with Slide Hull designed by Vripack. The SC Sapphire is powered by triple Volvo DH16MH 651hp @ 1800 rpm engines, through Twin Disc MGX5146SC, 2.5:1 gearboxes to NAMJet High Thrust Waterjets model TJ611HH. The 23m SC Sapphire was created to provide comfortable and safe crew transfer at speeds of 25kts when servicing wind farms. This allows for operations in seas with a wave height above two meters.

NAMJet is an advanced marine propulsion systems manufacturer headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA with a sales and engineering office in Southampton, UK. NAMJet has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing highly efficient waterjet propulsion systems for a wide variety of commercial, military, and workboat applications. The unrivaled bollard pull of NAMJet waterjets allows the 23m SC Sapphire to keep firmly secured to the wind tower and to provide an improved operating window when connected to offshore wind towers in various sea state conditions.

“NAMJet’s products offer incredible thrust, durability and speed,” said Jim Ducker, President of NAMJet. “NAMJet’s have optimum thrust at lower speeds, have 2-3 times the impeller clearance of high-speed jets, and are rated for speeds of up to 35 knots!”

NAMJet is proud that Sima Charters chose their high thrust waterjets for their fifth custom 23m Crew Transfer Vessel SC Sapphire. “Bon voyage to the crew of the SC Sapphire from all of us at NAMJet,” concluded Jim.

About NAMJet

NAMJet is a Denver, USA based marine waterjet propulsion company, setting new standards in thrust and durability and innovation for the marine propulsion market. NAMJet was acquired by Birdon America in 2011 and moved production to Denver in 2014.

About Sima Charters

Sima Charters runs a 24/7 local CTV transfer service from the Port of Rotterdam area to the anchorages off the Dutch and Belgian coast. Sima also provides international CTV transfer services and vessels for offshore projects such as wind farms, surveys, dredging and salvage operations.

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