NAMJet’s Intelligent Navigation & Control System called iNAV is a state of the art, fully integrated electronic control system that is highly compatible with most navigation hardware and sensors. iNAV can be configured as the basic system iNAV-iN1 system to control engine throttles, transmission, waterjet bucket and steering up to the advanced iNAV-iN4 system providing an intuitive user interface for navigation and full vessel control on a touch screen glass helm. The iNAV-iN4 control features station keeping and dynamic position capability.

Applications & Features

– Suitable for commercial vessels and military vessels
Suitable for NAMJet’s waterjets with both hydraulic or electric* actuation
Applicable for single, twin, triple and quadruple waterjet installation in monohulls or multihulls
Fully customizable to meet customer demands
Complete and compact Controls Package to simplify the installation
Remote updates/upgrades
Compatible with many existing control hardware and sensors
Onboard tuning and diagnostics
Simple integration with onboard sensors and hardware
Black Box data logging option
Predictive maintenance option
Dynamic position option
Station keeping (parking feature) option
Auto Pilot (Routing) option

*NAMJet is the only water manufacturer to offer an electrically actuated waterjet, eliminating the need for hydraulic pumps, oil tanks, filters, plumbing, ongoing hydraulic maintenance and potential oil leaks. Please contact us for more information

Basic Specifications

The main control box is located in the helm console and handles all of higher level commands for steering and bucket control. There is also a jet controller located near the waterjets which handles all of the lower level commands for steering and bucket control. There is no need for a large bundle of cables running down the length of the vessel to connect the waterjets to the helm control panel. The main control box located in the helm console is simply connected to the jet controller located near the jets via an Ethernet Cat 5 cable, making the installation or refit for boat builders much easier than running streams of cables.


iNAV Control Stages

The iNAV-iN1 is a basic control system including the necessary equipment for control of the hydraulic waterjets, plus the critical hydraulic components for proportional bucket and nozzle control, ranging from one control station and single jet installation up to six control stations and multiple waterjet installation. The iNAV-iN1 control system can be upgraded at any time to the iNAV-iN2 to include joystick control, the iNAV-iN3 with a touchscreen glass helm, up to the iNAV -iN4 with dynamic positioning capability.


Scope of Supply for iNAV-iN1

  • Electronic Helm(s) with Wheel and Harness(es) with plug-in connections to the iNAV Main Control Box
  • Electronic Throttle(s) with Harness(es) with plug-in connections to the iNAV Main Control Box
  • iNAV Main Control Box
  • iNAV Waterjet Controller(s) with Harness(es) and plug-in connectors to the Feedback System
  • Gearbox Interlock(s) incl. Backflush with Harness(es) and plug-in connectors
  • Manifold(s)
  • Valves
  • Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump(s)
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Feedback System and Waterjet display panel
  • Ethernet cable CAT 5 for connection between the iNAV Jet Controller and the iNAV Main Control Box

Scope of Supply for the iNAV-iN2

  • In addition to the iNAV-iN1, the iNAV-iN2 also includes electronic joystick controller(s) and joystick hardware

Scope of Supply for the iNAV-iN3

  • In addition to the iNAV-iN2, the iNAV-iN3 also includes a touchscreen helm interface

Scope of Supply for the iNAV-iN4

  • In addition to the iNAV-iN3, the iNAV-iN4 also includes dynamic positioning capability to interface with GPS systems and other sensor suites