NAMJet Products


NAMJet’s TJ Series mass flow design waterjets pump significantly more water than high-speed jets, providing exceptional thrust per horsepower and eliminating cavitation from 0-35 knots to maximize cruise speeds under heavy load. NAMJet’s have 2-3 times the impeller clearance of high-speed jets, allowing them to operate at much lower RPM. The resulting decrease in fuel consumption and system wear provides NAMJet’s users a significantly lower lifetime cost of ownership.


Our 360® Jet line of 360-degree thrusters is the perfect application for diesel-, hydraulic-, or electric-drive barges, ferries, or any platform where superior maneuverability is paramount.


NAMJet’s AAV PODJet is ideally suited for the amphibious marine mobility platform. It’s high thrust large displacement system, which is rated for speeds up to 12 knots, are used on military equipment worldwide.


Our iNav intelligent navigation and control system is a state of the art, fully integrated electronic control system highly compatible with most navigation hardware and sensors.