34 NAMJets Delivered to FNSS

Birdon subsidiary NAMJet recently completed the fabrication and assembly of a 34-jet order for Marine Assault Vehicles (MAV) built by FNSS.

The MAV is a dual role Armoured Amphibious Vehicle (AAV). These specialised vehicles need to exhibit superior performance both at sea and on land. Each MAV is equipped with two NAMJet AAV pod-jets. To read more about FNSS’ Marine Assault Vehicles follow this link – https://www.fnss.com.tr/en/product/mav-marine-assault-vehicle.

Once completed, the MAVs will be delivered to Turkish Naval Forces Command.  Turkey, a NATO country, will be one of the few countries around the world with such vehicles in their inventories.

One of the requirements of the MAVs is to ensure that troops reach the shore in the shortest time possible. That is where NAMJet’s high thrust pod-jet shine. NAMJet propulsion systems ensure unparalleled reliability, thrust, and maneuverability while ensuring top speed performance to keep the Turkish troops out of harm’s way.

A big thank you to our team of fabrications, welders, machinists, inspectors, assemblers, and engineers who made this project happen. The jets are scheduled to be delivered to FNSS in early January 2021.

NAMJet’s team of fabricators, welders, machinists, inspectors, assemblers, and engineers with the finished pod-jets



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