Ambassador Sinodinos visits Birdon U.S. Headquarters

On Tuesday the 5th of April, Ambassador Sinodinos and Consul General, Jane Duke, visited the U.S. headquarters of the wholly Australian owned company, Birdon America, Inc. In Australia and the U.S., Birdon Group is an accomplished defence industry partner with a formidable reputation underpinned by its mature management of complex programs over the past 40-years. Moreover, a robust and healthy business model, high cash generation and diversification across commercial maritime sectors, not solely defense, has underpinned its stability and sustained growth. Birdon Group’s ability to self-fund and manage market risks is bolstered by its agility and quality delivery of ‘whole of life’ solutions.

The Ambassador toured the manufacturing facility in Denver, CO, where Birdon has designed and manufactured over 350 Bridge Erection Boats (BEBs) under their sole-source contract with the U.S. Army. With final operating capability of the $500m plus contract expected by June 2024, Birdon will deliver ~500 BEBs to the U.S. Army.

While the U.S. company headquarters is in Denver, Birdon’s U.S. infrastructure base has grown to meet operational demands. Birdon’s other U.S. facilities, located on the East Coast in Portland, CT and on the West Coast in Bellingham, WA, are key strategic locations, well situated to meet the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard’s 47’ Motor Lifeboat (MLB) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). At both locations, Birdon is focused on the modernization and life extension of 117 of the U.S. Coast Guard’s 47’ MLBs under a contract valued at ~$300m.

Outside of U.S. borders, Birdon has just completed its first disposal and recycling campaign for the U.S. Navy from their naval Base located in British Indian Ocean Territory, Diego Garcia, under an ~$18m contract.

Birdon is projecting sustained growth in the U.S. and continues to cement themselves as a strong and dependable strategic partner for the U.S. Government. Following a two-year investment, Birdon is in the final stages of obtaining its U.S. State Department Facility Security Clearance (FCL) at the Secret level which will allow it to bid for classified U.S. Government contracts. Birdon has recognised that intelligence sharing, IP sharing, and shared capacity building between Australian and U.S. companies are areas worthy of investment, especially if we are to bring the AUKUS strategic goals to fruition.

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