Birdon BEB capability demonstrated in Poland

In the wake of the multiple failed Russian bridge crossings in the Ukraine, U.S. and allied defense forces have reiterated that river crossings are regarded as among the riskiest and most complicated maneuvers performed on the battlefield, especially when under enemy fire.

To demonstrate and test their wet gap crossing capability, U.S. and allied soldiers recently launched a training exercise at Defender Europe 2022 (DE22) in Poland. DE22 is a combined exercise organized by the U.S. Armed Forces that builds preparedness and interoperability between US and NATO allies.

The Birdon-built Bridge Erection Boats (BEBs) can be seen below, transporting an M1A2 Abrams MBT during a ferry operation. The ability to transport heavy equipment and machinery across the river safely is one of the Birdon BEB’s strengths, and a key difference between our BEB and less powerful legacy boats.

Birdon will deliver up to 491 of its Bridge Erection Boats to the US Army under the current design and build contract.

Birdon has been approached by allied forces looking to acquire BEBs to support their own forces and to ensure interoperability with the US Army.

For media coverage, and more information about the importance of successful wet gap crossings, see these articles:

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