Birdon BEBs Support Hurricane Ida Response

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Birdon’s Bridge Erection Boats (BEB) were put to work in Lafitte, Louisiana. The construction of floating bridges allowed first responders and vehicles to access hard hit areas cut off by water. The BEBs maintained the bridge to water-affected areas until the permanent bridge can be repaired.

Birdon’s BEBs provide propulsion, thrust and stabilisation to support worldwide tactical float bridging and rafting operations. They are specifically designed to provide high thrust and operate in high particulate matter environments including silt in fresh, brackish and seawater. The unique and flexible design of the BEB means all functions of the vessel can be performed by a two-person crew and it can integrate easily with most specific transport systems. These capabilities are of crucial importance in defence environments, but have also proved to be critical in humanitarian efforts such as the response to Hurricane Ida.

For video footage demonstrating the impact of Hurricane Ida, click here.

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